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Synergic Pro Medical Center

SPMC is formed with a single mission which is to serve those who have complex neurological conditions. By employing a paradigm of clinical therapeutic intervention specific to a patient’s unique and individual neurological, physical and overall findings, we then attempt to improve functionality through the precise application of specific therapies towards the betterment of a patient’s condition.

The whole premise of neurological rehabilitation is based on the concept of “Neuroplascticity“. Simply put, it is the ability of the brain to form new pathway.

Research has confirmed that
we have the ability to create new neurons (neurogenesis) –
a process long considered impossible.

It is now also known that if an area of the nervous system is damaged, not only is regeneration achievable, but other nerve cells can take over the function of the lost neurons (functional reorganization).

Research shows that to create changes in our brain, we know that plasticity requires three components:

More and more research supports high-intensity treatment protocol to speed up the recovery process.  By utilizing the high intensity and frequency model, we are able to create a better clinical outcome.